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Friday, December 12, 2014

Replicating nature, our first step to conservation ...

Can you dream of having living River Nile in your Office or Lake  Tanganika in your Living room or a Havlock Island in your Bedroom.

We have started creating habitat aquariums free at your home, work place etc. This is to create living replica of the rivers, estuaries, seas and ocean habitats. Each river, lake, sea and ocean have different geologocal and biological system and we try to capture the same in an aquarium at your home. A living underwater scene at the any place that you want. You can even have a pond in your balcony, or you can also have a micro-setup.

It an extension of my hobby, as an aquarist and we enjoy creating different underwater biotopoes, and also vivariums, paludariums, terrariums. For everyone who is serious and want to show their care for the environment and also interested in conservation please have a talk with us.

And all this comes with no initial cost, you only pay for the regular monthly charges. The monthly charges will include all living and non-living requirements. No two setup will be similar, so this will be a boutique setup.

Have a look at some of our home aquarium ...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Original painting by Kairav at very cheap rates

All paintings dsplayed st are of 450 USD or 300 GBP or 23000 INR. 

Shipping charges as per actuals.

These are original completed works, no second copy available, no reprints available.

Shipping will be done within 48 Hrs, after receiving of the full payment. As they are original works, we cannot replace the painting, however we ask our customes to have a insurance cover, to avoid any financial loses due to transit.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Support Sutapa Art Gallery

Hi Readers,

First thank you for all your comments. They were incredible, please share this blog with whoever is interested.

To post on this site it requires regular research work. To survive and to do the research, its becoming expensive everyday as we all know. To support this site we have opened a blog , where ae are selling the original works of Kairav for all the art lovers.

Go through the site kindly leave your comment, so that we can develop the site more ...

You can mail me at;

Your support will be highly appreciated ...

Thank you again for all the support ...

Habitat Aquarium Team

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We are back ....

Dear Friends,

We have been out of station and so there had been no posting for 4 months now .....

However, we are back, and to all of you we do apologize for the long absense ...

And to thanks to all you, who have called me and discussed .... Thank You

Your best wishes keeps us going ....

Cheers !!!
Habitat Aquarium Team

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sometimes called the 'Helicopter Fish' ...

Helicopter fish as it is sometimes called, as it can hover in a particular place and also glides like a helicopter under water.